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Christmas is a winter holiday celebrated allover the world. Different countries and familys have meny traditions that came from several cultures over the years. People often give gifts sing song’s, feest with family and friends, or go to worship services. Christmas is also a time four helping others in need. Do you celebrate christmas or an other December holiday.

Find the mistakes

Paul Jennings 

Paul jenings is an australian children’s book writer. Hes book’s mainly feature short storys that leed the reader through an unusual series of event that end with a twist
Paul Jennings was born on 30 april, 1943 in london. In 1949 his family emigrated to australia. He trained to be a Teacher in melbourne before moving to bendigo to teach at kangaroo flat State Scool. In 1985 jennings’ first book of short storys ‘unreal!’ was published Jennings’ short storys were adapted for the first too seasons of childrens television series ‘round The Twist’ in 1989 and 1992

The Fabulous Flying Frisbee

Find the mistakes….

Do you own a Pluto Platter. if you have a Frisbee in you’re closet, you do! The original flying discs was actually pie tins from a bakery. In 1948, Fred Morrison manufacture the first flying discs made of plastic. Then, in January 1957, a company called Wham-O introduced the Pluto Platter. The Pluto Platter was later renamed the “Frisbee” its estimated that more Frisbee’s are sold each year than basketballs baseballs and footballs combined!